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8 Steps to a Successful Job Search



8 Primary Job Search Steps

  1. Determine career objective (what kind of job do you want?  Do not answer too quickly; put it in writing)
  2. Develop resume using keywords/phrases, perfect spelling and error-free (keywords reflect what employers are looking for; determine which of them are part of your skill set or experience and be sure they are in your resume)
  3. Create personal brand; use keywords in resume as basis
    1. Professional use of picture(s)
  4. Network, Network, Network
    1. Talk to people (friends, neighbors, relatives)
    2. Make selective use of social media and web tools
    3. Any social media used is scrubbed and vetted
  5. Search for jobs; use keywords/phrases; focus on use of online resources
  6. Proactive use of correspondence; be sure letters use one or more of keywords/phrases
  7. Respond timely and professionally to all responses
  8. If in doubt, hire a professional resume writer; a professional writer knows the entire process; is skilled at conveying your skills, knowledge and experience in light of employer requirements; works quickly and efficiently; results in your getting interviews

Online Employment Websites By Industry Served


Computer mouse

Following is a list of job search resources and the types of position, industry or group to which they primarily support.  All of them also serve other groups, industries, but if there is a tendency for one particular area, it is indicated.

Online Employment by Industry

Absolute Health Care (healthcare) (new graduates) (healthcare jobs) (retail and service jobs) (new graduates) (new graduates) (hourly, hospitality and service jobs) (hourly, hospitality and service jobs) (employers specifically recruiting minority candidates)

ExecuNet (professional and executive jobs) (career and job management; personalized)

Hcareers (Hospitality, Hotel, Resort) (healthcare)

HEALTHeCAREERS Network ( (professional) (general) (logistics, truck driving, delivery, and warehouse) (general)

Yahoo! HotJobs (general)

Social Networking Websites


networking 2Following is a list of prominent social networking websites that are beneficial for use in a job search.  There are new ones all the time, but these are some of the largest and have an established track record.  Be thoughtful as to which one(s) you use.  Some tend to be more purely social (e.g., FaceBook), others have more of a professional bent (LinkedIn), or commercial (Twitter).  Most of the websites on this list have their own job boards within the site.

Add the prefix “.com” to the end of the terms below when typed as all one word to access the website.

Primary Social Networking Websites



Jibber jobber


Slide Share


Glass door

Job vent

Start Your Job Search By Looking At Primary Job Boards


facebook logo Twitter Logolinkedin logoFollowing is a list of large, national/global job boards for your consideration.  When beginning a job search, investigate them, assess their strengths versus your need.  Some of them are more effective for service industry positions; some provide better support for professionals, etc.

Add a “.com” to the end of each term below, typed as one word to access the site.

Primary Job Boards


Career Builder

Career Journal

Exec Searches

Federal Job Search

Hot Jobs


Job Central

Job Hunt

Job New USA

Job Pier

Job Search USA

Job Star

Jobs with Justice

Missouri Career Source

MRI Network

Search Ease

Simply Hired

Snag A

True Careers

Internet Sourcing and Niche Job Boards


Glassdoor logoYou may blinkedin logoe familiar with several of the large job search websites (e.g., Monster.comsimply hired logo,, etc.), but did you know there are many others?  Some of these “job boards” provide niche services specifically for veterans, people in specified ethnic groups, healthcare professionals, construction trade positions, etc.  In some cases it can be advantages to post a resume on smaller job boards that feature positions in your targeted area.

Following are some of my favorites:

Internet Sourcing (job board access with free membership)

Niche Job Websites (NFP) (regional) (healthcare) (hospitality) (non-corporate positions) (green job board) (subsidiary of (creative and technical) (government) (executive) (finance)